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ST-OB - Tube Cutter <30mm

CS-20 Cable Shield Processing

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General Information
Technical Data

The semi-automatic cable shield processing machine "CS-20" is a patented solution for quick and extremely precise processing of cable shields and cable braids.

Developed for cable shield processing in hybrid and electric vehicles, this machine uses a unique process to provide complete cable shield processing: Opening the cable shield, cutting, folding down and stripping the outer sheath or inner conductor.

Along with the “CS-10” Metzner offers two processing concepts that define itself by the outer diameter of the cable. For all cables up to 20 mm in diameter the shielding braid is opened by a patented procedure before it is cut and folded back. Cables with an inner conductor can then be stripped easily. This process is reversed for smaller cables up to 8 mm in diameter: Stripping of the outer sheath first, then opening, folding back and cutting of the cable shield. Additionally, a precise cut-to-length is possible for cables up to 8 mm in diameter.

 All processes are designed to eliminate damaging the sheath, the inner insulation or the shielding braid. The user-friendly control panel can be used to programme many parameters including pull-off length and insertion path.

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