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ST-OB - Tube Cutter <30mm

AM3000 Wire Cutter and Wire Stripper

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General Information
Technical Data

The Metzner AM 3000 cable cutter and stripper series offers unsurpassed cutting power enabling processing of cables with a cross section of up to 70 mm2. This series offers a unique power spectrum for processing cables of up to 15 mm in diameter.

All the machines in the AM 3000 series are fitted with newly developed motors which produce an extremely high pulloff power. For these machines the power range is doubled, as every feed unit is equipped with two motors. This enables processing of cables with a cross section of 50 mm2 and 70 mm2 – an innovation for automatic cable processing machines! This guarantees the reliable processing of many types of cable that can’t be processed with other machines of this type.

The feed units for the AM 3000 series can achieve an unusually high feed speed of up to 180 m/min, which means increased machine productivity, especially with large cable lengths.

Every model in the AM 3000 series is fitted as standard with the patented “Double blade cutting system”. This system means that different processes can be carried out in the same operating cycle. Examples of the various processing possibilities are as follows:

• V-shaped knife for length cutting and a half circular stripping blade for stripping
• Half circular V-shaped blade for length cutting & stripping, slitting knife for
lengthways slitting and intermediate sheath removal
• Simultaneous processing of sheath and internal conductor on multi-core cables.

The AM 3550 and AM 3750 are fitted with the rotary stripping module as standard. The rotary stripping method combined with cable clamping guarantees precise radial cuts into the outer cable sheath or shield. The various functions, like, cutting depth or rotation speed can be programmed to suit each type of cable and ensure perfect processing results even with different materials. Rotary cutting is ideal for cables with very thin or particularly tough
sheath insulation and for processing coaxial cables.

Every machine in the AM 3000 series is prepared to accept connection of a full range of peripheral devices. The advantage of this system is that each AM 3000 model can be expanded to suit your specific application.

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