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ST-OB - Tube Cutter <30mm

AM5000 Cable Cutting and Cable Stripping

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General Information
Technical Data

The Metzner AM5000 offers cutting and stripping of very large cables because of it's high power and stripping force. Suitable for cables up to 30 mm diameter and a cross section up to 185 mm2 (even up to 240 mm2 depending on the cable type). Likewise the AM 5000 series is capable of processing thin cables down to 0.5 mm2. In order to easily facilitate integration
into an automatic processing line, all the models are designed for expansion and control of various peripheral equipment.

Both belt feeder units are equipped with electronically controlled and Metzner's special "Vario-Press” system. With this innovative system, the contact pressure is adjusted to
the required stripping force in fractions of a second, giving maximum contact pressure at the moment of pulling-off, reduced contact pressure during stripping and minimum contact
pressure for material transport. In combination with the exceptionally long belt feeder, the AM 5000 models therefore guarantee optimum gentle material handling.

The AM 5000 series feeder units with a transport speed of 150 m/min increase the productivity of the machines, particularly for large cable lengths or when processing smaller
cable diameters.

Different processes can be performed in one single operation using the patented “Double blade cutting system”. Examples of the numerous processing possibilities include:

  • V-blade for cutting to length and radius blade for removing insulation
  • Radius V-blade for cutting to length and removing insulation and cleaver for removing intermediate sheathing
  • Simultaneous processing of outer jacket and internal cores for multicore cables
The Metzner AM 5350 is equipped with a rotary cutting module for processing coax cables and for cables with very thin or tough sheath insulations. It guarantees an exact circumference cut of the cable covering or the cable screening for these materials. The various functions like cutting depth or rotation speed and blade feed are freely programmable and ensure optimal processing results for the various material requirements.

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