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ST-OB - Tube Cutter <30mm

Loop Controls

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General Information
Technical Data

Error-free material infeed for processing machinery is a basic prerequisite for high
length precision at high working speeds. Metzner loop control systems provide contactless
speed regulation when working in combination with a feeding device or an unwind table.

Loop controls work off-line to regulate the speed of a motorised de-coiler or material feed unit and, when working in-line, provide control of the working speed of the processing machine. The position of the material passing through the loop control is continuously monitored by sensors. The information from the sensors is used to compute the optimum speed and this is passed to the machine or the feeding unit. Metzner provide loop control systems matched to the material being processed: contactless for very thin or tension-sensitive rubber and plastic materials or alternatively with a weighted roller for stiffer products.

The LC 50-3, LC 120-3, LC 220-3 and LC400-3 loop control systems regulate the feeding speed via three or, optionally, four sensors, with the two lower sensors providing the speed control to the de-coiler or feeding unit. If the material is not fed quickly enough, the upper sensor position is reached and the production is temporarily stopped, until the material has once again reached the lower sensor position. The machine then automatically continues the production. The Metzner LC160-10 is equipped with ten sensors, making a continuous feeding speed possible. This version is especially recommended for use with materials that have to be very carefully and gently handled.

Integral interfacing as standard all Metzner processing machines have integral interfaces for loop control systems as standard equipment.

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