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ST-OB - Tube Cutter <30mm

CCM - Rigid profile cutter

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General Information
Technical Data

The Metzner CCM profile cutter range is specifically designed to cope with profiles and extrusions which included steel reinforcing wire. The use of a circular cutting blade allows for a very good quality of cut through both the rubber and wire, while maintaining high production speeds.

The machine includes a programmable controller which allows for the cutting of a variety of shapes, contours, compaunds and wire reinforcement. This is all done via a very intuitive programming guide which allows for new programmes to be inputted in a matter of minutes.

The machines can be supplied with blade rotation speeds of either 2000-4000 RPM or 4000-12000 RPM. These speeds allow for the use of grinding discs as well as cutting blades to be emplyed to ensure the best possible finish.

The CCM6 is equiped with a micro-spray for cooling of the cutting disc where the CCM4 and CCM5 can also be fitted with this feature.

Another possible addition to any of the range is inteligent gap detection, with this feature it is possible to detect the correct gap in the metal reinfrcement to ensure a sprag free cut.

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