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ST-OB - Tube Cutter <30mm

ST-OB - Profile Cutter

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General Information
Technical Data

The ST-OB profile cutter is an automatic cut to length machine which is designed to cut a wide variety of profiles. It gives precise results with a good quality of cut and fast working speeds. The two preferred cutting mechanisms for extruded profile cutting are die cutting, often also referred to as kiss cutting, where the blade cuts down on the product against a solid bed; and shear cutting which works in the same way as a pair of scissors, with one blade moving across another fixed blade. The whole range of ST-OB machines offers easy tool changing so that the machine offers a very flexible option for those who wish to cut a variety of products without the expense of multiple cutting machines.

The ST-OB offers very high powered cutting which is an advantage where your extrusion is tough to cut and also has the advantage of the ability of raising and lowering the cutting depth which can increase cutting speeds of short lengths by up to 30%, this feature can also be used if you only require a partial cut, for example where you require the cut parts to remain attached for further processing.

Metzner offer the ST-OB in three levels of feature; Red and Green. Please see the technical data tab for further details

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