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ST-OB - Tube Cutter <30mm

SR 85 - Mandrel Gasket Cutter (85mm - 7 tubes or 170mm - 4 tubes)

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General Information
Technical Data

The SR 85 mandrel gasket cutter is a machine which can produce gasket rings and seals from either moulded or extruded tubes. It provides very high accuracy and quality of cut.

The system works by stretching the pre-formed tubes over a mandrel, the loading of which is very quick and efficient due to the special unit provided. The loaded mandrels are then clamped into place on the machine between the rotation centres. Production starts as the blade carriage travels alomg each tube, cutting them to the required length, this emplys either stiletto type or circular blade depending on the application.

The provision of a complete extra set of mandrels means that one set can be loaded while the other set is in production. The use of modern servo motor technology makes the SR machines even more versatile because both knife cut depth and the advance speed of the carriage are fully programable.

The SR-85 can accomodate either 4 or 7 spindles dependent on the size of the sleeves being cut.

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